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Happy 2020

Hi loves,

Happy 2020! Can you believe we are now in the year 2020? I am still in disbelief!

I wanted to just write an update. Lots of things are in the works for me and I can't wait to share my first project of 2020! I am going to be recording another EP soon so stay tuned for that :) My sound is changing a little too and I can't wait to do some experimenting with my next era of music. I have been going through a lot personally but it has really caused me to dive deep into my emotions and my songwriting and I am really excited to share all of that ;)

Some highlights of 2020 that I am looking forward to:

-New EP Release

-In April I am going to a songwriting retreat in Nashville and I am soooo excited about that!!

-Doing my first music video

-More gigs

-More music and inspiration!!

-Turning 31 years old

Hoping for an amazing 2020 for you all!



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