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Hi 2021

Hi loves,

I hope everyone is having a good start to 2021. Mine has been really busy but full of some exciting news!! First off, my new single "New Horizon" is out into the world, and I am soo excited for this one. It's my first collaboration with my friend Craig Sayer who is from Victoria, Australia!! We wrote this song in a night over Zoom, and it's so beautiful. I hope you listen to it a lot, and I hope you love it, add it to playlists, share it and save it as much as you can!! I feel like this song is going to go big places. It's kind of crazy how my intuition has really become something else since this pandemic, I am always getting accurate gut feelings about stuff ;) I am really excited to announce something next month, and also to turn 32!! My birthday is 2 weeks from today exactly so that's kind of nuts but I've decided I am using he hashtag #thirtynew because aging is just optional in my opinion :) I love you guys, and I'll talk to you next month!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE, and so much light,


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